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Neuromuscular Therapist

Carrick Physio Centre based in Carrickmacross has been operating since 2005. Dominic Treanor has been practising physiotherapy and muscular rehabilitation and also specialising in lymphatic drainage for chronic swelling and post operative surgical and cancer patients.

'I am the only lymphatic drainage therapist in the north east area outside Dublin. I also practise body masage treatments. Trained in neuromuscular therapy & physical therapy both in the UK and in Dublin. I was among the first group of students to become qualified in both the European and American methods of neuromuscular therapy and in 2006 became part of Ireland's first group of trigger point therapists. I previously taught fitness training, areobics, training programs and gym weight training for 7 years until 2001. Went back to college in 2001 until 2005 and then set up my physio centre. A native to Carrickmacross, in 2007 I went to England to study lymphatic drainage for 2 years and qualified in August this year.'

ORTHOPAEDIC SPORTS MASSAGE This is a deep tissue massage which not only takes into account the muscular system but also treats the skeletal system as part of the treatment.

RELAXATION MASSAGE This entire treatment is devoted to complete relaxation and stress relief

CHRONIC PAIN TREATMENT AND MANAGEMENT Neuromuscular therapy techniques are used to identity and treat many types of chronic pain. This includes lower back pain, recurring shoulder problems, chronic neck pain, elbow, knee, foot and ankle problems.

SPORTS INJURY TREATMENT, MANAGEMENT AND REHABILIATION Your injury will be identified along with any other contributing factors. A treatment plan will be recommended along with the necessary rehabilitation . all muscular injuries treated

POSTURAL ASSESSMENT AND CORRECTION Most treatments will consist of postural assessment and correction. For example during a treatment a compete range of motion is checked and relevant imbalances are identified. However, entire sessions are also devoted to postural assessment and correction such as in rounded shoulders.

PEVLIC AND SPINE MOBILIZATION AND ALIGNMENT The spine and pelvis are assessed for misalignment and mobilization will be preformed to correctly position the spine and pelvis. Many back and muscle problems originate from skeletal misalignment.

TENSONITIS As in tennis elbow or golfers elbow also successfully treated.

CRANIO AND INTRA ORAL TREATMENT This treatment is used to relieve recurring headaches and to treat problems within the jaw area by releasing muscles in this area.

Carrick Physio Centre
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    Carrick Physio Centre

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