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About Us

Ulsters NEW premier sports performance and injury rehabilitation centre in Monaghan.

DBSM Centre of Excellence is Ulster’s new premier sports performance and injury rehabilitation centre in Monaghan.

We provide top of the range recovery and injury rehabilitation equipment including:

  • AlterG Anti-Gravity treadmill
  • Cryospa ice baths
  • 16 foot training pool
  • High performance training gym
  • Boxing ring

We also provide pilates and yoga classes in Monaghan, including

  • Pilates group classes
  • Yoga group classes
  • Sports yoga
  • One on one pilates

DBSM are the No. 1 sports clinic in Monaghan and have a team of
professional chartered physiotherapists, nutritionists, strength and conditioning coaches, sports scientists, podiatrists and psychologists all available to provide you with expert advice, training, medical recovery, rehabilitation and treatment for all injuries. Services include:

  • Podiatry / chiropady
  • Sports massage
  • Sports psychology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Neurological rehabilitation
  • Elderly rehabilitation
  • Nutrition plans

DBSM run team building days and provide expert sport team training
using Firstbeat SPORTS Team Software for increased Team Performance through Individual Optimization.

We provide a range of training packages to suit your needs, including:

  • Elite athlete development
  • Athlete development
  • Personal coaching
  • Team profiling and testing
  • Young athlete development
  • Altitude training

So if you are looking to train for a marathon or compete in the next olympics, we have the training program in Monaghan to help get you there.

DBSM Centre of Excellence
  • sports performance and rehabilitation services include:
    • AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill:

      This innovative AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill is a game changer in physical therapy rehabilitation. Whether you're a patient or an athlete dealing with lower body injuries, chronic pain or neurological conditions that inhibit mobility, you can benefit from the unweighting capabilities.

    • Cryospa Ice Baths:

      Book an appointment today to use our CryoSpa. This hydrotherapy unit is designed for post exercise recovery and for the treatment and prevention of sports injury.

    • Training Pool:

      Take your performance training, marathon, triathlon or weight loss goals to a new level with the training pool at DBSM centre of excellence.

    • Altitude Training:

      DBSM provides simulated altitude training and hypoxic exercise sessions. This enhances athletic performance, improves recovery, prepares people for trips to high altitude, supports general health, weight loss, wellbeing and are unique in the way that they accelerate performance and burn extra calories.

    • Boxing Ring:

      Our Boxing Ring is it available for hire to groups or individuals or it can be used as part of athlete development and team development programmes.

    • Podiatry:

      Eileen Dunwody Brennan is a state registered podiatrist and chiropodist. Eileen qualified from Queens University Belfast with 20 years experience of treating various Biomechanical problems. Services offered through DBSM are routine chiropody, nail surgeries under local anaesthetic, biomechanical assesment and evaluation, gait analysis, supply and fitting of orthodic devices and treatment of lower limb pain associated with poor foot biomechanics. DBSM offer professional podiatry services in line with other rehabilitation services. Book an appointment today for further information.

    • Sport Psychology:

      Want to maximise your competitive edge. Sport performance is generally regarded to involve 4 aspects, physical, technical, tactical and mental. While most athletes realise how important the mind is to sport success, few devote much energy to mental training. We teach why you should, and more importantly, how to mentally train your mind.

    Medical Recovery Treatments:

    We have a professional team of chartered physiotherapists, nutritionists, strength and conditioning coaches, sports scientists, podiatrists and psychologists providing everything you need to recover from all types of injuries. We provide expert rehabilitation services for all sport injuries.

    Sports Team Training:

    DBSM Centre of Excellence offer the Firstbeat SPORTS Team Software for increased Team Performance through Individual Optimization. The benefits of Firstbeat SPORTS Team Software, include 24/7 optimized training load, better critical training decisions, more individual training for teams, recovery test for detecting early signs of over training and efficient fitness testing.

    High performance Training Gym:

    The High Performance Gym at DBSM centre of excellence plays a major role in raising sports performance. Our Strength and Conditioning experts provides support for all clients of DBSM. A full strength and conditioning service of prehabilitation, strength, conditioning and rehabilitation is available to all clients within the state of the art gymnasium. Our trainers aim to develop fitness components such as, power, speed, strength, speed endurance, stability, agility, quickness, flexibility and muscular endurance. All testing and programming is individualised with respect to the athlete and their respective sport.

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    DBSM Centre of Excellence

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    • Myth busting : Too young to Train Here at DBSM we specialise and get results in giving youth athletes the foundations of strength , endurance and motor control to thrive in their sport. Youth development is not just about weights training. It should encompass movement, balance , power and so much more. Check out this infographic on how a proper S&C program initiated pre adolescence is shown to lead to greater motor capacity( i.e. fundamental ability to execute motor skills effectively) as athletes grow older. This is without mentioning the mountain of evidence of injury prevention available. Simply put, a well programmed Youth Athlete development S&C program gives your son /daughter/ team or club the best chance to excel throughout their sporting career. Contact us if you have a youth team or are an individual who wants professional support to unleash your sporting potential. Facebook.comFriday at 10:39am

    • Great having Bernard Brogan & Paddy Andrews down tonight🥇🥇 Went really well and really appreciated them coming down!🙌🏻 Brings back great memories from DCU days🏐 Thanks to all who attended 👏 Facebook.comApril 18

    • Bernard Brogan/ Paddy Andrews🏐 Meet & greet👀 Tonight 7pm😎 Everyone invited👏 💥💥💥LIKE,SHARE AND TAG 2 FRIENDS FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A FREE PHYSIOTHERAPY SESSION💥💥💥3 winners picked tonight Facebook.comApril 18

    • https://www.facebook.com/DBSMCentreOfExcellence/posts/2408301622528796 Facebook.comApril 17

    • Nice surprise when working colleague from my DCU days Enda Fitzpatrick called in to see me, some great stories & memory’s. Fun times & pleasure of working with so many talented sports people from through out the country Facebook.comApril 15

    • Our physiotherapy clinic is open 5 days a week.Find out more about booking in for physiotherapy screening and address any chronic injuries that are troubling you. We work with all ages & range of conditions. 04785470/0872589200 Facebook.comApril 14

    • ‪Delighted to have my good friends from my DCU days Bernard brogan & Paddy Andrews Dublin coming to www.dbsm.ie for meet & greet & photographs this Wednesday the 18th at 7pm .Feel free to call out and find out more what we do at DBSM #physiotherapy #strengthandconditioning for all ages ‬.#nutrition #alterg #youthtraining #recoveryservices #Dublin Facebook.comApril 11

    • 10 reasons why students should exercise during exams and study periods. Facebook.comApril 11

    • ‪Team Irelands Josh Moffett with our Chartered physiotherapist Orla Deegan in www.dbsm.ie today ,Well done Josh and his team on win at the weekend of the Easter Stages ‬ Facebook.comApril 10

    • Fresh salts for recovery 04785470/ 0872589200 Facebook.comApril 5

    • Good news coming to DBSM next week where we will make announcement what’s happening very soon. Facebook.comApril 4

    • Designated foam rolling area in DBSM with all the latest recovery tools available . Facebook.comApril 3

    • DBSM Ladies camp every Tuesday & Thursday 730pm .Direct message us or ring 04785470 to book yourself & friends, other semi privates places may come available.All levels of fitness levels catered for. Facebook.comApril 2

    • At DBSM age is no barrier as the earlier you put in good foundations it gives your children great platform to prosper and helps health wellbeing & confidence going forward , find out more what we do at DBSM with the youth of today #nevertoyoung #nevertoold #aheadofthepack Facebook.comApril 2

    • Only a few spaces left in our Clinical Pilates!! MESSAGE US TO BOOK👌🙆🏼🙆🏽‍♂️ Starting : 3rd of April 8-9pm🎟 All levels welcome!! Facebook.comApril 1

    • ‪At DBSM age is no barrier as the earlier you put in good foundations it gives your children great platform to prosper and helps health wellbeing & confidence going forward , find out more what we do at DBSM with the youth of today #nevertoyoung #nevertoold #aheadofthepack ‬#nutrition #movement #confidence Facebook.comMarch 30

    • Good luck to Oisin Treanor this weekend from all in DBSM https://www.facebook.com/DBSMCentreOfExcellence/videos/1613991111959855/ Facebook.comMarch 30

    • How about shifting our thinking. Rather than treating the injury (which usually means reduced or adapted training load). How about we prevent it in the first place by fuelling the load? Many athletes still can’t get their eating habits to balance Contact John Treanor in DBSM for more information https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1943664775945266&id=100009052870220 Facebook.comMarch 30

    • Now taking names for new 8 week block Why not join our new block of Clinical Pilates class with our chartered physiotherapist Orla Deegan at DBSM starting next Tuesday 3rd of April 8pm. Benefits include: • Develop a strong core & back • Gain lean muscle • Improve flexibility • Improve sport performance & injury prevention 04785470 Facebook.comMarch 28

    • Alter g is for a huge range of patients who can benefit from partial weight bearing exercises including: Total Hip and Total Knee Replacements Menisectomy/Meniscus Repair ACL Reconstruction Achilles Arthritis (AO,RA) Stress Fractures Ankle Sprains And of course Neurological and other patients can also benefit: Parkinson's Disease Stoke TBI Cerebral Palsy Multiple Sclerosis Obesity Diabetes Geriatric Strength and Conditioning Facebook.comMarch 23

    • Recovery in DBSM 2018 Facebook.comMarch 23

    • www.dbsm.ie physiotherapy clinic maximizing patient potential & return to normal function following ill health,trauma or disability. 04785470 Facebook.comMarch 21

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