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Expert Image Consultants providing colour analysis and personal style advice in Dundalk.

Maria Macklin is a professional image consultant in Dundalk. She is a fully trained colour consultant and provides expert personalised colour analysis and style advice for women and men in Dundalk and surrounding areas.

She offers a range of services including wardrobe decluttering and personal shopping services. She regularly gives talks on personal brand, style and dressing for business success.

Most of us wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. Imagine how it would be to look into your wardrobe and always have something wonderful to wear. Wouldn't it be lovely to know that everything you buy suits you perfectly AND works well with all the items you already have?

What better than for you to be a more efficient, smart shopper who knows where to look and what investment buys to make so you purchase the best for you. At House of Colour, we discover that with you, through our enjoyable and life changing classes.  Colour Analysis discovers which colours work best for you.Style Development shows you how to find the right clothes for your body architecture and your personality allowing you to be your best self every day.

Call and book an appointment today and let Maria empower you to have the same experience.

House of Colour
  • services include:
    • Colour Analysis Classes:

      Maria is a fully trained colour consultant in Dundalk and provides expert advice and guidance, helping you choose the right colours, and makeup colours, making you look brighter, younger, fresher and thinner.

    • Style Development Classes:

      In a Style Development class, we look at your body architecture, your lifestyle and your personality to discover your best clothing style. Put that together with your colours and you will have a wardrobe that works for you and your lifestyle every day.

    • Personal Shopper:

      Most of us wear 20% of our wardrobe over 80% of the time. We help you with focused shopping, choosing the right clothing for you, saving you time and money.

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    House of Colour

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    • A-Z of Style: K is for Knitwear. For centuries, wool has been a wearable resource. And as knitwear comes in so many colours and styles there's something for everyone. This season sees bold colours, asymmetric shapes (dramatic); little detailed embellishments (ingenue/gamine); ruffles (romantic); classic fine knits; and chunkier knits for naturals. And the best thing about knitwear is it keeps us warm - stylishly. Which style and colour is right for you? #knowyourstyle #dressyourbodyshape #knowyourwowcolours #knitwear #houseofcolour #keepingwarm Facebook.com16 hours ago

    • When you have your #houseofcolour wallet with you, choosing the best LizzyC sheep brooches is easy. #takingtheguessworkoutofshopping #knowyourwowcolours #brooch #lizzycsheep Facebook.comSunday at 7:19pm

    • Received my professional excellence certificate today. Proud to be maintaining high standards at #houseofcolour. #professionalexcellence #keepingstandardshigh #houseofcolourdoesitbest Facebook.comMay 18

    • Client Laura is attending the royal wedding. Colleague Helen White helps Laura choose her best outfit ensuring she looks her best in her Autumn colours. #knowyourwowcolours #knowyourstyle #houseofcolour Facebook.comMay 17

    • Are you stuck in a colour rut? Rediscover your palette. Facebook.comMay 15

    • "Colour analysis is trending with women and men alike because of the burgeoning beauty and health markets, coupled with an increasing understanding that if we wear the colours that suit us, then we will look and feel healthy, energised and more visible for all the right reasons." Read top tips by #houseofcolour MD Helen Venables in Natural Health Mag on how to look fabulous through colour and style. #knowyourwowcolours #knowyourstyle #bethebestyou #houseofcolourdoesitbest Facebook.comMay 15

    • A-Z of style; J is for JACKET. Your jacket is your coat of armour; the more structure it has the more authority it carries. Everyone should have at least one formal jacket as part of a capsule wardrobe (in your own colours and style). Things to consider - lapel versus no lapel; angular or soft lapel; an authority colour or an accent colour for informal occasions; texture or stiff. And of course many jackets are bought for warmth. It's so important to #knowyourstyle; #dressyourbodyshape; #knowyourwowcolours so you can take the guess work out of shopping. #houseofcolourdoesitbest #houseofcolour Facebook.comMay 14

    • Flying away #brooch #shesanautumn #knowyourwowcolours #houseofcolour Facebook.comMay 13

    • A #winter and an #autumn. An #ingenue and a #gamine. #knowyourwowcolours #knowyourstyle #houseofcolour #livelifeincolour #warmversuscool Facebook.comMay 12

    • Are you stuck in a colour rut? Rediscover your palette. Facebook.comMay 11

    • One quarter of the colours in the world are in love with you. Why not find out what they are so you can love them back. #mutuallove #knowyourwowcolours #wearyourwowcolours #livelifeincolour #colouranalysis #colouranalysisworks #houseofcolourdoesitbest #houseofcolour Facebook.comMay 11

    • Here is a link to the interview which I did this morning on LMFM. The focus was largely on work wear. You'll find my piece at 12:40 and it's about 10 minutes. #knowyourwowcolours #authoritycolours #houseofcolour #workwear #confidence Facebook.comMay 10

    • Waiting to go on air with Paul McKenna at @lmfm_radio958 to talk about colour and style. #lmfm.ie #knowyourwowcolours #knowyourstyle #houseofcolour #livelifeincolour #lmfm #drogheda Facebook.comMay 10

    • I'm a fan of the trouser suit for formal and workwear. This season, the dark shades have been replaced by pastels. #knowyourstyle #knowyourwowcolours #wearyourrightpastels #houseofcolour Facebook.comMay 9

    • Getting married? Unsure of your style and colours? Get in touch for a consultation. Facebook.comMay 9

    • A - Z of style. I is for ingenue: structured with elegant prettiness; delicate; neat; small. Discover your best style in a #styledevelopment class. You'll learn how to #bethebestyou every day. #knowyourstyle #clothingpersonality #ingenue #houseofcolour Facebook.comMay 8

    • WOW colours matter from your clothes to your accessories. How else do you choose your best scent bottle cover? Another reason to schedule a #colouranalysis. #knowyourwowcolours #livelifeincolour #houseofcolourdoesitbest #ateliercologne Ateliercolognehk BrownThomas Facebook.comMay 3

    • My colleague Karina points out how we at #houseofcolour can help with your make-up choices. Natural daylight is so important when you try make-up. In a #colouranalysis class, we show how you can look ready for anything in 90 seconds. Foundation, blusher and lipstick = #90secondmakeup #knowyourwowcolours #makeup #knowyourstyle Facebook.comMay 2

    • Lots of colour in Marks and Spencer - warm and cool shades. #knowyourwowcolours #livelifeincolour #houseofcolour Facebook.comMay 1

    • Liz Christy Lizzy C sheep feeling very much at home on this pink denim jacket. #lizzyc #wintercolours #shockingpink #knowyourwowcolours #lizchristyhandweaver @lizchristyhandweaver Facebook.comApril 30

    • I like tbese dressing tips. In a #styledevelopment class you will learn these and more #knowyourstyle #dressingtips #houseofcolour Facebook.comApril 28

    • Beauty is ageless...would you believe that this fabulous client is approaching 80 years old? How vibrant does she look in her wow Spring colours! Sally is a client of Linda Davis, consultant for Kansas & Missouri #knowyourwowcolours #colouranalysis #bethebestyou #houseofcolour Facebook.comApril 27

    • There is a myth that the Autumn colour palette is all about browns and greens. I love experimenting with colour combinations. Today I've chosen lime green and peacock blue. What's your boldest combination? #ootd #colourconfidence #knowyourwowcolours #colourcombinations #livelifeincolour #houseofcolour #lime #peacock Facebook.comApril 26

    • A-Z of style. H is for Hat. As we move into wedding & racing season it's good to understand the style which suits you best. Should you go for a dramatic angular hat, something more classic, perhaps a small neat one works or a large soft floral hat? Once you know your clothing personality, you'll understand all your clothing details from your hat to your shoes. #knowyourstyle #occasionhats #hats #clothingpersonality #houseofcolour Facebook.comApril 25

    • Everyone has a BETTER THAN BLACK". In this case it's bright navy. Do you know what yours is? Discover it with a #colouranalysis. #knowyourwowcolours #livelifeincolour #houseofcolour Facebook.comApril 24

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