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Legal Information
Yellowtom UK Limited works with many different third parties who help to provide some of the services we offer as part of our product portfolio. These services include:
• Payment processing and payment service provision
• Domain name registration, renewal and management
• SSL certificate creation and renewal

Some of those third parties require us to provide a copy of their terms and conditions of business alongside our own Standard Terms of Business.

Our Legal section gives you access to all of these additional documents as well as providing important incorporation information required to be displayed in line with the Companies Act.
Company Information.

Yellowtom.com is a marketing domain name and trades as YT holdings as a franchise operation wherever mentioned as from Monday 1st January 2007.

New legislation coming into effect today makes it an offence for companies not to include incorporation and other information on their websites and in other electronic communications.
Businesses in the UK are now required to display their company registration number, registered address and if they are VAT registered, their VAT registration number in a prominent and accessible place on their website.

YT holdings clients have the facility to update their websites to add a 'legal' page to their website which will be automatically displayed as part of the website navigation.
For an example of what is required please view our legal page.
In addition to displaying this information on your website, you are also required to display similar information and other disclaimers in email communication sent from your business.