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About Us

Award winning Image Consultant in Dundalk helping you discover how to be visible, how to be memorable, how to be yourself.

Maria Macklin is an All-Star Accredited image consultant in Dundalk who will help you define and refine your personal brand. She is a fully trained colour consultant and provides expert personalised colour analysis and style advice for women and men in Dundalk and surrounding areas.

Do you have a consistent and impactful personal brand? Do you always “look the part”? Maria is interested in who you are and how you show up in the world every day. When you are congruent on the outside with who you are on the inside, you will build trust more quickly with those with whom you interact. And, your confidence will soar. Maria regularly gives talks on personal brand, style and dressing for business success. She offers a range of services including wardrobe decluttering and personal shopping services.

Most of us wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. Imagine how it would be to look into your wardrobe and always have something wonderful to wear. Wouldn't it be lovely to know that everything you buy suits you perfectly AND works well with all the items you already have?

What better than for you to be a more efficient, smart shopper who knows where to look and what investment buys to make so you purchase the best for you. At House of Colour, we discover that with you, through our enjoyable and life changing classes.  Colour Analysis discovers which colours work best for you. Style Development shows you how to find the right clothes for your body architecture and your personality allowing you to be your best self every day. You will be able to buy less, buy better and choose well. Save time, save money and ultimately, save the environment.

Call and book an appointment today and let Maria empower you. Be visible; Be memorable; Be yourself.

House of Colour
  • services include:
    • Step One - Colour Analysis:

      Maria is a fully trained colour consultant Dundalk and provides expert advice and guidance, helping you choose the right colours, and makeup colours, making you look brighter, younger, fresher and thinner.

    • Step Two - Style Development:

      In a Style Development class, we look at your body architecture, your lifestyle and your personality to discover your best clothing style. Put that together with your colours and you will have a wardrobe that works for you and your lifestyle every day.

    • Step Three - Personal Shopper:

      Most of us wear 20% of our wardrobe over 80% of the time. We help you with focused shopping, choosing the right clothing for you, saving you time and money.

    Image Consultants in Dundalk - Additional Services:

    Additional services include wardrobe decluttering, wedding shopping, accessorising, advanced colour, advanced style.

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    House of Colour

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